Capital Transportation – In the Forefront of Transportation Technology Development


In 2014, Capital Transportation was selected to participate in a U.S. Department of Transportation funded project, known as IDTO (Integrated Dynamic Transit Operations). The 1.5M prototype development project focused on developing a technology platform that would automate scheduling, dispatching and routing capabilities of both private and public transportation systems for the betterment of both transportation providers and to assist the general public in their ability through technology to request, plan, and manage their passenger transportation request.

Working with Battelle, TranSystems, The Ohio State University, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), and other organizations, Capital Transportation was heavily involved in the prototype testing of the T-DISP and T-CONNECT applications which were major components of the IDTO Project. The project was based developing the capability for the general public to utilize a smart device App to plan out, request, and manage their ground passenger transportation request across both public and private transportation systems from start to finish. The system would then manage all activities behind the scenes, including transfers from private to public transportation, as well as pickups/drop-offs. The system put holds on vehicles to ensure connections, and manage the overall customer experience through the integrated technology platform.

Capital Transportation was proud to be a partner to the IDTO Project and represent the Central Ohio community. Capital Transportation, Inc. and Capital Transportation Academy continue to evaluate, embrace, and participate in transportation technology and mobility projects with a purpose of leading our transportation systems into the future.

For more information on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Integrated Dynamic Transit Operations Project, click on the links below.