Central Transport

Address:2450 Sobeck Rd. Columbus, OH 43232

Phone: (586) 467-1900

Home Office:  Columbus, OH

Type of Service:  Local Pickup & Delivery or Regional Line Haul operation

# of fleet vehicles:   over 1,500 new tractors and trailers 

Description:   service the long-haul market, all the major regional markets, and the international market

Service Area:  98% of the major manufacturing areas in North America

Service Area Description:  Invested heavily in service capabilities in their customers’ biggest markets- Chicago, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, and others

Hiring New Drivers:  Yes


Training Program For New Drivers: Must possess a valid CDL with Hazardous Materials endorsement

Other:  Attracted the best drivers by providing the most technologically sophisticated tools to be optimally productive. The combination of a highly-trained and motivated workforce, clear performance standards, and process discipline has created a truly responsive, customer-focused culture throughout Central Transport.